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Cheryl Krogh asked me to do a seminar for the very first Equine Event held with the KFYR Agri-International in the year 2000. It was their first time and the people in charge of the pen didn't really understand what was needed for footing. When I arrived at the Civic Center I found a nice round pen but the footing was thin rubber hallway runners laid on smooth slick cement and then a thin sprinkle of shavings over that. I looked at the crowd and realized I had never seen so many people in one bunch before. I looked at the crowd and decided there was no way out of this.

  We got the colt started and rode. She fell down, flat on her side, at least twice. The next day I did a broke horse demo and my poor horse thought he was on a skating pond.
Anyway , they did start putting good ground in the pen and I was privileged to present a seminar for the first three years of the Agr-International.

  Last year in 2011, Cheryl asked me back again for the 10 year anniversary. I was recovering from shoulder surgery but with the help of my son JJ Hovde and Clint Nesham we started two colts very nicely.

  In 2012 I was very honored to be asked back and I talked about and demonstrated some of the methods and ideas involved in making a true bridle horse.